Easter Rabbits and the Spring That Nearly Wasn't???

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This week, the weather pundits promise, we'll finally warm up enough to finally feel like spring- no worries it's only the end of March! It's really hard to try to prepare for Easter photographs when the temps never rise above 45 degrees.

How do I get in the warm weather, flowers blooming, grass growing 

 frame of mind when all we seem to have had lately is rain- or snow- and cold weather?

have ordered my rent-a- bunnies- two to be exact- one dark gray and one black and white and they will arrive next Wednesday.

Easter Photographs will begin on Thursday, April 10 and run through Saturday, April 12. Finished packages will be back in time for the Easter holiday! Appointments are filling up so call or email us now to schedule your time.

Over the last 20 years of bunny photos, I've experienced my fair share of misadventures with rabbits....The 2 most interesting I'll list here but if you'd like to hear more, come see me for Easter photos and I'll regale you with tails - I mean tales!

Call us at 919-269-0888 or email us... http://www.rondasorrell.com/contact.html


The Escape Artist:

There was the time, just before my first appointment, when I discovered the rabbit had escaped his "hutch" (aka plastic bin located in the camera room) during the night and had chewed everything he could get his teeth on...all night.... he chewed plaster columns, wooden stools, the corner of a canvas background, wooden fences, and the list goes on and on...the trick was finding the little bunnie amidst all of the clutter in the camera room! Who knew rabbits had such nondiscriminating taste! To this day,I still have a few props left with that rabbit's toothy autograph ...but my biggest fear that day was  that he might succomb to an intestinal demise during the following photo days but, never fear,  he made it just fine -albeit a bit tired the next day from his nightime adventure-  #tiredbunniesstayput


Red and White Wabbit:

This particular year I had decided to use the  stereotypical solid white rabbit.     We had let it out of the bunny box and were allowing it to hop around the office for exercise...okay, really my girls just wanted to play with him before we started.    Soooooo an hour before the first client,  Mr Bunny caught its claw in my berber carpet and, in trying to disengage himself, ruptured said claw. Pandamonium then set in as the white paw fur began to turn red and the panicked rabbit began to  flail the injured paw all about (use your imagination here).   My daughters were hysterical and all I could think of was the Easter sessions with the rabbit were doomed. With only a few minutes before the first child arrived,  I was cleaning the crime scene and worrying how this injured rabbit was going to react to a now very necessary and very speedy BATH. ......thankfully, a short time later, as I greeted that first client, the bunny had enjoyed a warm bath in my kitchen sink and a nice gentle blow dry and no one  was ever the wiser....#toomuchdrama


Delighted Children

The best memories I have from 20 years of "bunny photos" are of  the children and their delight when they see a live rabbit for the first time. Such pure joy! Their little awestruck expressions when they touch the soft bunny fur for the first time are just priceless. As our children grow up we tend to forget these precious moments and this is a way I can hold on to these timeless memories. It is my hope...  that our visit from the bunnies this year will not involve drama of any sort.  

If there is one thing that is guaranteed though, it's that the children always remember seeing the bunnies at RSP - they always ask about the bunnies when they see me in the grocery store, at a preschool, and  even when they come in November for the Christmas Special! So feel free to call us or email us to schedule an appointment for your children or grandchildren to visit us for our 22nd annual Limited Edition Easter Special...with the bunnies!  Call us at 919-269-0888 or email us http://www.rondasorrell.com/contact.html

Bring your Easter baskets and let's have fun!


February, 2014

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Sorrellville Third year with the same New Year's resolution - blog more!   I'm going to keep resolving until I accomplish it - I hope.....I've even managed to dodge it for the entire month of January because I spent all month preparing my marketing,  setting up my editorial calendar  and updating my new website.  It sounded like a good excuse at the time..... Whew, I'm glad to be getting back to the part I like about my photography business - creating portraits!! This other stuff is a necessary evil I know, but I don't have to like it!  At least as far as my photography is concerned I'm so thankful that I do have a studio to use at this time of year - outdoor stuff would be awfully cold and judging from the last few days, wet!! There'd be a whole lotta' rescheduling goin' on!

By the way, check out the new website - still needs a bit or tweaking but I just had to stop and let it percolate for a bit. ... http://www.RondaSorrell.com

As you can see from the image above, I did manage to get very lucky with this beautiful sunset a few days ago.  -  next time you want to catch a sunset, use it as a background with some other focal point in the foreground to give the photograph more interest.... a house, a mailbox, an interesting tree, etc.  Notice "ev-r-ey li-ght in the house is on"!

How about  a couple of "how to create better photos" tips to start off the month? 

My #1 favorite is a simple one:

Get Closer to your subject - decide what the object or purpose of the image will be and focus the viewer's attention on that.  So many times the items in the background, and along the sides draw your eye away from the subject matter. Don't be afraid to take a breath and stop to adjust your position ( or their position) to compose the image properly.

My second fav  goes along with the first  - remove the junk out of the frame of your image. You see this a lot during the holidays when someone is photographed at a table with all of the dinner dishes in front of them. You'll be so much happier with the final result if you'll take just a moment and push those empty dishes to the side -especially those tall bottles with the peeled off labels ;-)

Until next time...I promise,





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